Started as a hobby in 2004 by Gareth Heeley making & repairing drums, HighWood quickly developed by making drum shells for other builders & companies, we supply the cottage industry with not only hand crafted drum shells but also components to complete them. This turned HighWood into the first Uk drum makers supply outlet, the expansion of HighWood began.

Simon Eland joined the team & the company moved into a dedicated workshop, HighWood grew through 2005 launching its own bespoke drum lines & expanding its range of parts & Hand made drum shells.

The growth continued through 2006 & 2007 with HighWood expanding its workshop area twice, improving & developing its drum shell molding facilities & drum ranges.

Successful exhibits at Drummer Live & the UK National Drum Fairs, rave reviews in the Industry press & word of mouth from drummer to drummer have led to their solid reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Through the mid & late 2000’s HighWood grew from strength to strength.  Still a small operation making drums for those who want the value for money combined with old school hands on production & craftsmanship. Scrapping ideas of endorsement discounts by not over inflating prices in the first place, has meant HighWood is the go to affordable drum company for any drummer.

In 2013 John Scheerers, a leeds musical institution of 140 years closed its doors, Chris Johnson who ran the drum dept was looking for new options and joined the team, Chris promptly setup Highwood Music an online drum retailer But also acting as  in house sales rep.

In early 2014 Gareth began the process of buying out Highwood’s business partners & in late 2015 had completed planning a factory refit & expansion of the business increasing warehousing & most notably a new showroom & physical shop area for HighWood Music.

work on the factory refit began in December 2015 & continued through 2016… the new warehousing being completed mid summer… The showroom work begins Jan 2017.

to be continued….