As well as being a drum manufacturer, HighWood can offer several services to any drummer, we have worked on almost every make of snare & drum kit , from modern Tama & OCDP through to vintage Slingerland Radio kings & classic Ludwig’s.

Bearing Edging – Edging cutting service, fixing tuning issues or repairing edges that have been knocked, chipped or dented, prices start at £10 a drum.

Shell Cutting – We can cut drum shells down if required & the existing hardware will allow it, if you have a tom or similar that you want trimming down we do it starting from £10 a cut excluding re edging costs.

Refinishing –  Whilst we no longer offer re-lacquering & colour matching services we still offer rewrapping/covering drums of all ages.

Wraps can be very expensive these days, we only charge Material Cost + Labour + VAT on re-covering jobs, no profit is made on the materials…. this passes the saving to you!

Full Restoration – on a limited basis only, we can take on full restoration projects, these can be, a expensive long & drawn-out processes, Our priority has to be on our drum products & therefore we can only accept them on a limited basis.

Need anything else? email us to see if we can help.

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