Hallmark Snare Drum

A Drum Of Legends!

14 x 6 Hallmark

The Hallmark is our flagship snare, designed to celebrate our 6th year as a drum manufacturer, its one of the most unique & extreme drums ever created, machined from solid aluminium & stainless steel, the hallmark is a 1” thick solid shelled monolith, CNC machined components throughout, individually made & numbered with no internal fixings just a smooth interior…. its something special! note this drum is on a limited run, once this is completed there will be no more drums made (13 drums in total will be offered. now SOLD OUT)

  • Shell 1” thick solid CNC’d Alu shell
  • Hardware: CNC’d Alu Lugs with Stainless inserts, Machined solid Alu hoops, Trick Throw off & Stainless Steel tension rods, Bronze wires.
  • Heads: Included: Evans PC Batter, Hazy  Reso


  • Satin Anodised shell.

Sizes/Diameters Available:

  • 14” Only – 4”, 5”, 6” & 7” depths


  • There is no way of upgrading this drum!
  • HighWood Hardcase with extra padding to protect your investment

Example Pricing: Individually machined the drums are £1355 each  (inc VAT @ 20%) this drum is only available direct from us.