Custom Lite

Wallet Friendly, Made To Order Drums! (updated spec for 2017)

The Custom Lite drums are designed to breach the gap between high priced bespoke drums & off the shelf mass produced drums.

Our biggest challenge as a small drum maker is to provide what a client wants at a price every drummer can afford, The CL Drums are as close as we can get to achieving this.

Using a mix of premium materials, mass produced components & combining these with an efficient hand production process we are able to give you control over the size, sound & look of your set, yet still offer a quality of sound rivaling higher priced off the shell kits, keeping the price well within reach of most wallets.

It doesn’t offer everything, but what you do get is a choice of our most common drum diameters, the privilege of choosing your own depths + a good selection of finishes.


  • Shells: 4.5mm  VG birch, Decorative *OliveWood outer veneer (natural finish drums only)
  • Chrome Hardware: 2.3mm hoops, Cast lugs & Brackets, Suspension Mounted Rack Toms & Telescopic Bass Spurs.
  • Heads: Included: Evans  –  G2 Tom & Emad bass.  std clear tom & gloss white bass reso’s (Other Evans & Remo head options available as upgrade)


  • Natural Hard Oil  – Decorative Olive Wood veneer included as std on all drums.
  • Wraps – sparkles, glitters, gloss, oysters, pearls all sourced on request.
  • Stain Oil’s –  stains, burst, fades can all be done under our hard oil.see our galleries & finishing page for more info/Inspiration.

Sizes/Diameters Available

  • Toms – 8”, 10, 12, 13, 14,  (from 6” to square size depths)
  • Floor Toms – 14”, 16”, 18” (from 12” to square size depths)
  • Bass – 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26” (from 12” up to 20” depths)
  • Snare drums  13” & 14” (5-7” depths)
    *26″ bass drum shells have a surcharge


  • Exotic Wood – add a layer of exotic wood as on outer finish, finished in oil to being out the natural beauty of the woods, strip inlays of other woods, sparkles, pearls etc are also possible.
  • Additional Drums – you can add more drums to your Cl kit order

Example Pricing

  • 4 pc drum kit in Decorative Olive wood finish & satin oil  = from £999
    example configurations:
    12 RT, 14FT, 14S, 20BD
    10RT, 12RT, 16FT, 22BD
    13RT, 14FT, 16FT 24BD

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