HighWood Drum Review

We Recently sent one of our HighWood Custom snares to http://drummersreview.com/ for them to check out.

Drummers Review is a great new video review platform offering Fee Impartial product reviews.

“Presenter, Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and product demonstrator Nick Carter, offer nothing but impartial, credible, and honest comments on all reviews on Drummer’s Review, and are in no way connected to any brand or advertiser commercially.

Every review that appears on Drummers’ Review is filmed and recorded in exactly the same way at Middle Farm Studios. There’s no enhancing use of EQ, effects, etc. Our mission is simply to consistently present to you what we hear in the room and share our observations that may help you when choosing your next kit, snare, or set of cymbals.”

We could not be happier with the results, The team loved our drum, you can visit the page using the link below or check out the video we have embedded here.

its worth noting that this very drum will be available to buy along with many other in our new web shop in the next 7 days,  just in time for crimbo!