1976 Legacy Beech

A rare piece of drum history rediscovered. (page being updated Nov 2017)

This drum line has been made using new old stock, beech drum shells from 1976.

The shells were originally from  UK drum company Promuco & were created by Gerry Waller, established Doncaster Yorkshire in 1974, they used technology developed for canisters used in parachute drops which needed to be flexible on impact. Promuco were best known for drumsticks making john Bonham’s sticks & totaling over a million a year many for other “brand” manufacturers,  Gerry an engineer was previously behind Hayman Drums & Premier.


The 76 Beech Legacy drums are available, made to order.

All drums feature:

  • Evans batter heads
  • Highwood reso heads – white or calfskin style bass drum reso
  • Fine Section of wrap finishes
  • Chrome fittings – triple flange hoops, cast mini lugs, telescopic spurs & elegant bass drum claws
  • Tube Lugs on snare drumsOptional extras
  • Bass drum bracket & single tom mount
  • Drum suspension system on rack toms
  • Single tom holder
  • Remo heads
  • Also available in “club” style featuring single centralized lug format & long Tension rods for the more “vintage” vibe

Sizes 14″ snare drums: 4″ to 7″ in depth

13″ snare drums: 4″ – 6″ depths (limited production)

Full kit: 13 rack tom, 16 floor tom & 22 x 14 bass drum, with or without 14″ matching snare.

*14″ floor tom also available to special order.

Pricing Examples :
14:” legacy Snare (4″ – 7″ deep)  = £199
4pc kit – 13, 16, 22 & 14″ snare = £850
3pc Kit – 13, 16, 22 = £ 700

Available Finishes (subject to availability)

Vintage Selection
Vintage Cream Oyster
White Marine Pearl
Black Diamond pearl
Vintage Marine Pearl
Pink Oyster (currently special order)
Vintage Grey Oyster (Special order ETA 2018)

Modern Options
Black Sparkle
Blue Sparkle
Lime Green Sparkle

Other finishes available at extra “upgrade price”

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