Web updates, product updates, new web shop news.

Drum show season is finally over, and some normalcy returns to HighWood.

I’m currently working on new website content, info & updating the specifications of our product lines, we have had so much in development the last 18 months is hard to catalogue it down in a organized format, but you will see major updates happening on most pages of the site.

The web shop page is also being worked on, stock drums will soon be added to the existing accessories we have on there, our first drum a beautiful ebony in high gloss finish sold on there last week, its on its way to Finland right now, not a bad result considering we only were testing the cart.

expect more info & announcements very soon, its all happening, its all coming together… ohhh and we have our first review in years coming out this month, links will be provided.

best regards from my sawdust castle.