Its been a pretty grim week here so far, we are immensely saddened & wounded that John Scheerer & Sons, the Leeds shop & retail institution has closed its doors on Wednesday after 140 years in the business… not only have they been HighWoods biggest dealer, but it was also staffed by friends who go way back from long before HighWood existed.
Simon bought his first guitar from them 20 years ago & every drum kit I have ever bought came from Chris… its the only shop i have always gone back to. 

We hope the guys from the shop will be OK, I would like to thank Chris Johnson & Mathew Wolfenden for their help pushing & supporting HighWood, they along with the rest of the previous staff from over the years provided fantastic customer service whenever i needed them.

Its sad that our high streets are dying & that they cant compete with the online, low overhead business models of “stack it high & sell it cheap”.
It seems it does not matter how good a web presence they have, until the cost of premises comes down on the high street to reflect the impact the Internet has had… the retail shops will struggle to survive in town centers, keep using the ones we have left people.

Scheerers Music, one of the UK’s best music shops.. 1870 – 2013