End of 2016 Update.

2016 is nearly over, its been an intense year, major changes have happened & continue happening at the HighWood workshop.
Those who subscribe to our newsletter & follow us on social media will know a lot of what we have been up to.

Our workshop production area refit is about 80% complete with the big work done, just  a bit more rummaging around & moving things into place, the final stage of this will probably not happen for a while, we are going to focus on getting back into production in a big way this year, the small remaining bits we can do as & when time allows.

As well as moving walls & rewiring, we have invested heavily in equipment, almost everything we had has been replaced & updated, from machinery such as table saws, hand tools & state of the art veneer/ply pressing machinery… only our moulds are still in place & we are adding more newer versions of those to.

We also have fitted new spray booths & equipment focusing heavily on finishing setups, this includes all new bespoke clear-coat lacquering machinery, we have also moved onto several new finishing materials, as well as the new clear coats we have new oils, instead of simple blended oil/waxes we now are moving onto new “hard oil” which are a 2 part system, with a hardener additive that improves their resilience & allows a higher build to be applied.

The other big bit of news is our expansion, we have taken on an additional space for warehousing & also our new Showroom/drumshop. This show room/shop is part of the HighWood music operation run by Chris Johnson formerly of Scheerers Music.

Chris has done an amazing job of expanding the HighWood brand with HighWood Music. it’s clear he needs more space to sell both HighWood’s products but also other brands and drummer essentials as a shop serving Wakefield & beyond as mail order specialists.
I’m extremely excited about having a show room & shop, its something we have wanted & needed for 10 years, I look forwards to being able to accommodate more client visits once it opens.

We have almost finished the warehousing upstairs and have just begun clearing 7 sorting the space for the small shop & show room, it will open sometime on 2017.

More frequent updates coming, I’m working on big website updates over the next few months, our 2017 product specs will be updated, pricing & an online shop will be added… initially  featuring bass drum logo’d heads & stick on decals for those who need new logos, T-shirts & hoodies, but later we will be adding snare drums & kits that are available from the shop stock.

As ever if you are looking for parts – www.drumbuilder.co.uk & our ebay are constantly being updated with stock…. raw shells are still available as a made to order  on request item.

Hope everyone has a great new year, see you in 2017….. hopefully in the new shop 🙂