Following demand & a lot of help from a new contact, we are very pleased to announce the return of  our Cast Acrylic Drums, the CA shells are far superior to the rolled & glued/welded shells many other companies use, the acrylic is harder, there is less chance of the seam splitting & as they […]

Drum Hire, festivals, gigs & events – New page added to site

Just thought I would point out a recent update to our website – The Drum Hire page, we have been doing this for a number of years when we could but we have only just made it official & advertised it here, for several years we have been asked by local promoters & event organisers […]

UK Custom Drum Festival, 1st May

HI Guys & Gals  – once again we will be exhibiting at the UK Custom Drum Show in Staffordshire, what eles would a drummer do on a sunday, there will be great clinic’s on all day as well as us & sellow Uk drum makers exhibiting their work. for more info look here see […]

The Hallmark Snare’s First Review

We Recently sent 2 Hallmark snares for review with Mike Dolbear, if you have never been to the Mikedolbear website as a drummer you are missing out, its the internets central hub for drum in news, reviews & info Mike & Gerry do a great job & have been very encouraging of HighWoods progress & […]

Xmas & New Year Closing

Just to let all our clients know we Officially close to the public for the Xmas & New Years holiday on 17th December. We re-open on 4th January. Note that although we are closed to the public, there will be loads going on behind the scenes, we are not shutting down for 2 weeks, orders […]

HighWood New Website V2

Welcome to HighWoods New Site. This permanently replaces the temp site launched in september. We are still uploading content sorting pics & the last few pages etc.. so bare with us, I’m sure everyone will find this our best site yet, its going to be far more dynamic & interactive than anything we have previously […]