Goodbye 2014 – roll on 2015 & the New era badges.

Thats it for 2014, we are now closed for xmas & new year, will be spending the rest of the 23rd & Xmas eve tidying the workshop and getting ready for 2015, managed to get several kits out on the last few weeks which is a big relief but we have so many others on benches and being worked on, so many drums near finished too… so we will be back in January going full pelt.

HighWood re opens on 5th January 2015 – our 11th year of being in business , with that we welcome our new all metal badges , I have named them the New Era Makers Mark, our 10 year anniversary was a big thing but 2015 is going to be just as important as milestone and I’m so excited to be able to present the new badge for this period… they are by far my most favourite badge to date.

we have managed to put them on a few drums this month so head over to our Facebook to check them out, all drums leaving the factory will now have these unless they are being made as add ons to old drums, once our old badges run out of stock they will be permanently unavailable.

I will get a website update sorted very soon so the galleries have more drums and the new badges are clear for all see, we will also be adding another web-shop for Malleus pedals & Highwood stock items.

Speaking of Malleus, GEN 4 is now available, the ultimate drum pedal now has all smooth footboards for the bare foot players…. get your orders in whilst we still have stock.

I want to thank all our clients for their support, Patience and for helping keep me very busy… it truly means the world to me & if you are waiting on something now, just hold tight, it will get to you.

Happy Xmas everyone, enjoy the holidays & roll on 2015.