Malleus & HighWood Changes..

Back in 2012 we launched what I firmly believe is the best drum pedal ever made & certainly the best i have ever set foot on ( I have owned/played pretty much every major player).

THE MALLEUS… engineered and machined by Mark Hall a man who has been behind a huge amount of UK drum industry components for years & who we have worked with many times.

He made this monster and we planned how to make its impact on the drumming world, the design was tweaked and evolved over the 4 generations.

We have built a brand from the ground up, for near 3 years its been growing & attracting players of supreme ability, the reliability, ruggedness & sheer performance of this machine makes most pedals look pathetic (they are).

However Malleus has grown beyond what we can give it, as a little company we knew one day the demand for Malleus… or Malleus’s demands would far exceed what we can offer. so we have come to decision that we need to walk away or it will affect HighWood and its ability to be a drum maker, and thats what HighWood is…. we are the sawdust covered people. we don’t belong in swarf bins or wash in cutting fluid.

Malleus now requires a sole dedicated team & a dealer network to get to the next level.

So this week we began handing back to Mark who has been preparing the next stage, The Beginnings of a Dealer network for the UK are taking shape. it wont be long until International dealers come in.

As of today, we no longer handle any Malleus dealings, anyone requiring malleus product, info etc can contact Mark and his team via the FB, websites will be on the way.